Multipurpose Sport Field

Horseshoe Point offers many spots facilities. We host many events for sports clubs  throughout the year. Internationnal Cricket & Rugby events are here.





Tough guys step right this way! The Horseshoe Point is also known for its standard rugby field, which is open to both hotel guests and visitors from outside. It has been used as the venue of several rugby tournaments in the past. Among the teams that regularly use this rugby field is the Pattaya Panthers and Panties (which does tours and regularly graces rugby pitches throughout Asia).




As you step into the world of Horseshoe Point, relief is instantaneous as you start to experience a pleasing change – a wide expanse of grassland surrounded by species of lush green vegetation! Besides the several soccer tournaments, it is also used as a venue for other great outdoor events, tournaments for both the local teams from Pattaya, and activities for different companies from elsewhere! 




For those who love playing cricket, there is space provided for you at Horseshoe Point Hotel. Though our the past untill now, they has been sport practical, sport used field alsp cricket tournament attempted here. Our support team are ready to certify to all athletes.